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Zoe's gift cover

Zoe’s Gift

It was the cover that had me picking this book up. What is going on? A ghost of a man, a girl looking catatonic and the other girl trying to get her attention. It looks strange. Maybe that is the point, given the story.

Cory is less than excited to be stuck in England with the supposedly gifted weirdo Zoe. Zoe evidently has the “second sight” or ESP and thinks she is going crazy. Cory ends up befriending Zoe and together they try and solve a mystery involving Zoe’s family. There are lots of cute moments as Cory tries to deconstruct British culture. The paranormal mystery set up would probably appeal to lots of the upper elementary set.

I would imagine that this book might not hold up in 2018, however your mileage may vary. I do think that the over processed labels detracts from the eye appeal, I am biased toward minimal processing of books since covers can be a significant appeal factor.


zoe's gift inside flap

interior text


  1. For some reason this cover makes me think of those old shiny hardcover children’s bible story books. At first glance, I thought of an angel rather than a ghost.

  2. This book sounds like it could be interesting. However, I take umbrage at the idea that an American couldn’t find her way around an English kitchen or use a ‘foreign stove’.

    In the 1980s my husband and I took several holidays on self-catering narrow boats. If we had no problem producing tasty dinners on the kitchen facilities on the boat, there is no reason why a chicken meal would taste like it had ‘soaked for a month in Ivory liquid’ when prepared on the cooker in a house.

    Well, maybe it would if the cook mistook washing-up liquid for cooking oil.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Unless the book is set a lot more recently than the cover would suggest and the ‘foreign’ stove has all the temperature settings in Celsius, in which case the fact the chicken doesn’t taste good is the least of their worries.

  3. WHY is there a disembodied man’s hand on the front of the girl’s shorts? That creeps me out.

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