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So who remembers having a Second Life? I do remember trying out Second Life and finding it kind of boring. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to “do” while in this virtual world. I also made jokes about trying to improve my first life before jumping into a second.

Evidently, Second Life is still around and still has a core following, but honestly until this book showed up on my list for possible weeding, I had forgotten all about it. This book was added to the collection in 2008 and the latest checkout is 2011. It will sit proudly on the weed shelf next to books on MySpace, Friendster, and a bunch disks from AOL.


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  1. I think I did once play Second Life, and it’s not The Sims, which I have a real obsession with. I never really cared for MMORPGs anyway , because you have to socialize with real people playing as virtual ones. Ick.

  2. Second Life has also changed quite a bit since 2008, so you shouldn’t just weed this book because it is niche, but because it is woefully out of date.

    1. Indeed. I’ve been active in Second Life myself since 2007 (though been taking a break of late), and SL has changed a lot since then. Parts of this book might be worse than useless in 2019.

  3. I played Sim Life when it first came out, with disastrous results: I accidentally made my pelicans carnivores, and they ate all my horses. Very disappointing. Second Life does look pretty boring.

    1. “I accidentally made my pelicans carnivores, and they ate all my horses“ has got to be the best writing prompt ever.

    1. Probably because the lab’s IT manager played, and preferred not to have to re-install it every time they sat down in the lab.

      1. Doubtful, the images were centrally managed by persons who didn’t staff the labs. I like(d) to assume there was an educational use for it.

        1. Could be. I know some educational institutions have had their own regions in SL before. (Though at least a few have switched to their own OpenSimulator grids instead.)

  4. A close friend of mind really got into second life and, along with his sister, made enough money on a game he created within it and her designs for clothing and accessories that she sold for them to add other savings and buy a house together. But yeah, it’s not a thing so much any more. A book on how to make a living as a Twitch streamer or YouTube unboxer, now…

  5. I find that the people who say Second Life is boring have no imagination. It’s like being handed a box of art supplies and saying you don’t know what to do you’d rather watch TV.

    Second Life is not a game, it’s a place to chat with friends, create and maybe sell your creations.

  6. I’ve been active in SL since 2007, I’ve made long life friends in my real life from those I met in SL. I enjoy the creative builds, music venues.
    For a lady who is alone and not able to get out physically in real life it’s been a wonderful social life in SL.

  7. I got into SL briefly when it first appeared. My experience was that it was being treated like a pick-up joint for virtual sex, for people who needed the visuals when mIRC just wasn’t enough. HAHAHAHA.

  8. When I was in library school, one of my professors was convinced that Second Life was going to be a great place for librarianship (???). This guy was *really* into the game.

    1. I remember a blog (?) post about some circuit court judge showing up and lecturing on industrial property rights (?). Details are blurry, but I know they got pictures of his judicialness on a laptop sitting at what looked like one of those armrest school desks over his shoulder.

  9. When I was an MLIS student, working on a school media degree, my bleeding edge online in the school media center class met in SL one session. This would have been in 2006 or so. None of us were very adept at it, and kept disappearing. And while I am currently a public librarian, I haven’t heard of anyone using it in an smc. Maybe I’m just out of the loop–anyone use this as a school-event meeting place?

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