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All of the ladies probably remember that time in health class where the world of menstruation was explained. I remember that in 6th grade we had a boring film where girls in white pants told everyone how grown up they were. It was the white pants that made it realistic.

They always would play down symptoms such as debilitating cramps, bloating, mood swings, etc. and pass them off as “normal”. That’s just the life of a lady. Credit goes to this author who actually acknowledged that not everyone reacts the same way and that symptoms should be addressed by a doctor.

Certainly not the worst book we have seen about menstruation, but it’s still a weeder. Check out some of these special books: here, here, and here. Medical info really does need to stay fresh and it has a short shelf life. Do the preteens a favor and keep these materials up to date.




  1. Ah, yes, the Becoming a Woman Day. The boys got an extra gym class. The girls went to the library and watched a movie starring the girl who played Annie on Broadway. Yes, this was almost 35 years ago, and yes, this is completely seared into my memory.

  2. Yes withdraw. Perhaps a man should always publish with a colleague doctor (who is a woman). The prose looks like a lecture so boring. Books today may have anecdotes from women on menstruation. Books today are antidotes to those written….50 years ago?! What would Dr. McCoy from Star Trek say?!

  3. The cover of Ms Asso’s book has been burned in my brain since I first saw that post years ago. It seems to be her only book. I guess she said all she had to say on the topic.

  4. Alan E. Nourse is possibly best known as a science fiction author; many of his works have a medical slant to them. Weirdly enough, he was a character in a dream I had last weekend! I don’t recall any of the details and the person in my dream probably looked nothing like the actual man himself, but I woke up with the strong impression that “Alan D. Nourse” was in my dream. (I apparently misremembered his middle initial.)

  5. I only know this guy for his science fiction books.

    If a library absolutely doesn’t have and can’t afford anything newer, this is still not bad. Otherwise, weed.

  6. when we saw our “becoming a woman” movie one boy in our class said, “I know what kind of movie they’re showing to you girls. It’s to show you how to put on make up and fix up your hair.” he said was so proud of himself.

  7. I recognized the name from older SF — Nourse wrote quite a bit of fiction. I didn’t realize he’d written nonfiction too but a quick Google confirmed it’s the same person.

  8. When I was in Grade 5 or 6 we had a “For Girls Only” movie shown in a separate room. I refused to watch it. But I did bring home one of the guides they gave out and read it. One thing it said that made me glad was that I didn’t have to act older or like an adult just because of my period. Unlike every other teen girl on the planet I so wanted to stay a kid. 🙂

  9. Sci-Fi writers, maybe (it’s a stretch). Sci-Fi actors: no books thank you. Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP have done enough.

  10. Alan E. Nourse! His son was a friend of mine in grad school, and I went to visit Alan and his wife at their home in the Cascades east of Seattle.

    1. I liked his SF, that plus the sympathetic tone of this book makes me hope he was a decent guy in person.

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