Your Eight Year Old

8 year old

Your Eight Year Old
Lively and Outgoing
Ames and Haber

This is another one of those series about kids like we have featured in previous posts. My particular favorite is about your three your old child. The kid on the cover looks suspicious and probably is capable of world domination. Our eight year old girl on this cover is charming, and as a mother I remember eight years old as pretty good. Old enough to take care of stuff, but not yet a snotty teenager. These books do have a good reputation and were probably a solid addition to a collection back in the day. Although parenting advice is usually consistent, technology and other changes in our culture might warrant an updated version.


inside flap


author cover boys playing self and sex children playing


  1. My wife and I read this whole series while our daughter (who is now 18) was growing up. We read each book for each year and the information was amazingly accurate. I checked their website to see if these books were still in print and I don’t think they are. They had reprinted them with updated photos a few years ago but they don’t see to be in print anymore, which is too bad because, if they reprinted them in more contemporary formats and edited out all the references to outdated technology, they would sell. And that would be great for all parents everywhere because these books helped maintain our sanity all those years!

  2. The girl is like, “Ha ha, you other girls have to play with little plastic ponies but I got a *real* one.”

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