Your Craptastic Craft Supply Sourcebook

Crafts Supply Source Book - coverThe Crafts Supply Sourcebook

Submitter: The Crafts Supply Sourcebook was in a large donation we received for consideration to be added to the collection or be added to our book sale. Our library doesn’t own it (yeah!), but a search of WorldCat revealed that several neighboring libraries in our area do. The book is arranged by craft company names, contact information and what they sell. It’s outdated and has been superseded by the internet. I googled four of the yarn store names, only one was still in business.

Holly: Perfectly good book up until the new millennium. Could’ve been weeded a good 15 years ago, though.


Crafts Supply Source Book - back cover

Crafts Supply Source Book - Page 138

Crafts Supply Source Book - Page 202



  1. Even if these addresses weren’t outdated I wouldn’t be able to contact them for my craft supplies. And they’re all American, go figure.

    1. Those with brick-and-mortar stores would still use their real-world addresses.

  2. Isn’t this one of these lovely book rackets where they 1) charge the folks listed to appear in the book and 2) then charge the buyer to buy it? I understand such rackets were common in days of old (though there were also some reputable guidebooks as well)…..

  3. These days people would either pop on over to Jo-Ann or Michael’s or would get their supplies off the internet. Did you know that Amazon actually has a good selection of craft supplies?

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