Your cat’s sex life

My Cat's In LoveMy Cat’s in Love or, How to Survive Your Feline’s Sex life, Pregnancy and Kittening

Isn’t the cover of this book a hoot?  I also love the title.  There’s some useful information in this book, although I’m sure I could find it in a more current book than 1970.   It’s entirely possible that some of the spaying/neutering techniques have changed since then.  Either way,  I learned something here.  I didn’t know that the female equivalent to a “tom” cat is a “queen.”  Public libraries need to do better than this antique.

I think I will hand this off to Mary since she has more crazy cat lady potential!



  1. As far as spaying and neutering information goes, this book is way too outdated. In 1970, vets wouldn’t spay animals before they were six months old. By that time, a queen could have already had her first heat. Nowadays, cats can be fixed as early as 8 weeks old. Then lets not forget newer techniques such as flank spays, which is a great alternative to have if the queen is still lactating and you want to lessen the chance of infection.

  2. Seconding Amanda. Most people need to be urged to spay and neuter, not just let their cats produce kittens, “so the children can see.” No longer considered a responsible position.

  3. Man, I could have used stuff like this when my cats were in heat. I still thought I had to wait until six months for spaying, and I wasn’t sure two of them would last that long. The other one hooked up with a tom on her first heat and had kittens (he didn’t stick around, the cad).

    But, even if I saw that on the shelf, I’d take a look at the date and would put it right back.

  4. It took me a while to realise that the cover’s a new nursing mother. I thought it was a full-on hard-core cat orgy.

    But then again, I’m a dolt.

  5. Nobody should be allowing their cat to breed. There are already too many unwanted cats in shelters these days. Most of them have an expiry date of about a month, and if theyre not adopted by then, guess what happens? It’s hard enough bringing in a sick or dying cat to be put down, but imagine bringing in a perfectly healthy cat? Not just one, but thousands every year. Please spay and neuter your cats, and while youre at it, donate money to “spay neuter release”programs to help reduce the amount of stray homeless cats out there.

  6. i hate to say this, but there are some veterinarians (sp) out there who WILL NOT NEUTER/SPAY before the cat is 6 months old, and or lactating/in heat! i speak from experience, i have three cats, 2 males (both couldn’t be “fixed” until the “magical” six month mark and a female who they charged extra for because she was in heat, of course she was in heat, she had just reached the six month mark … the cover of the book is hilarious

    i absolutely agree that if people have a pet it should be neutered/spayed, i see far too many strays in this town, mostly because people get kittens which are adorable until they become sexually mature, then they are thrown onto the street to fend for themselves

    sorry about the rant

    british columbia

  7. This is the funniest thing Ive seen in ages. Have my own cat and just imagined her reclining sexily with her man!!!!

  8. Sadly, my vet wouldn’t spay until the heat was well past. Three weeks of cat yodeling, and me the light sleeper. We live near a college, which means lots of students dump cats, so when our dibs are in tune, we trap/neuter/release, if we don’t keep or find the real homes for those who seem way too domesticated.

    I still get a chortle out of that cover, remembering the cats of my childhood who came home shame-faced, plopped down, and proceeded to have kittens on the carpet.

  9. We have this book in our offsite storage stacks. I know this because somebody paged it a few days ago.

    Makes me wonder if it’s somebody else in the area who reads this blog…

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