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How to have fun with your body

Did you know that you can have fun with your body? This book is about making faces, performing tricks, and possibly grossing people out.  I can also see some of this being used as an ice breaker at a meeting. (Pro tip: I am going to suggest this should NOT be done as an ice breaker. I am of the mind that the only thing worse than a meeting is an ice breaker at a meeting.)

I know this would probably appeal to kids, but it is written for adults. I am trying to figure out why someone would need this book and what kind of reference question would make me run to the stacks and get it. Maybe I don’t want to know.

However, in the spirit of being an open minded librarian, I tried some making a few of the animal faces and I am here to report that I was unsuccessful in having fun. Also, my face kind of hurt after a while.


back cover

animal faces

fun with your mouth

yoga poses



  1. This is definitely something that would amuse small children (I can remember doing “fish lips” and “frog neck” for my own kids when they were little) but I can’t imagine a situation where adults would want to do these in front of each other.

    1. I… can imagine such a situation. Unfortunately it involves headaches and regrets the next day, both in and out of hospital.

  2. If anyone suggested doing this at a meeting at my company, everyone would politely humor them (we’re in Minnesota and we are ‘nice’) but then the perpetrator would be demoted or fired after enough time had passed to make it look unrelated.

  3. Nothing in here looks even remotely close to fun, starting with the cover photo of people standing on each other’s faces.

  4. This is incredible. I could not get over the fact that on the cover people are standing on someone else’s face. That does not look fun to me.

  5. Yoga Guy in Diaper has put me off my feed for the entire day. As well as the idea of doing any of the things in the book at an ice-breaker.

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