You Gotta Be a Football Hero

football heroes

Pro Football Heroes of Today

Believe it or not this book is still in circulation! All they need to do is just change the title to Pro Football Heroes of Yesterday. I remember these guys from when my dad talked football to my clueless pre-teen self.

I picked a handful of notable entries. You youngsters out there will recognize OJ Simpson. Yes, he was a football hero before he had some troubles. (As an aside, I had former co-worker who never knew that OJ had a football career. All of the more senior members of staff had a collective aging crisis.)  The other hangup is that this book is dirty (and not in a good way) and is stained on way too many pages. I will give the book props for having a good binding. This book probably should have been retired by the late 1970s.


Lem Barney

O.J Simpson

Dick Butkus

Terry Bradshaw


  1. What? No Roger Staubach? Surely he was in the book! He was my football hero! In fact, any of the Dallas Cowboys of that era were my heroes.

    1. He came to a charity luncheon I was at a few years ago and was very down-to-earth. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I grew up in a Raiders household.

  2. I’d say they did a good job, at the time. I’ve actually heard of all four of these players, and I have never cared about football, then or now.

  3. My 7-year-old would still love this book. They are actually making figurines of “classic” players and he has a small collection of them (Terry Bradshaw is one of them). Despite the info being outdated, he would love the pictures.

    The OJ thing might make for some awkward conversation down the road, though. 😀

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