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Success Tactics for Business and Life

This is more of a beginner’s guide to management. It reads like a self help book about esteem and personal growth. Heck, there are even a few mantras or positive affirmations for you to say to yourself. There is also an exercise in the book where you are to draw your own coat of arms. Buried beneath all the jargon and affirmations, there are some pretty good concepts with regards to management and delegating, and a good discussion about efficiency vs. effectiveness. I can get on board with the intent, but the execution feels intrusive and creepy. This reminds me of something a boss I had long ago would turn into an in-service program that would make us bond better as a staff. I was waiting for a chapter on trust falls. FYI, I would totally drop my co-workers because I think it is funny.


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    1. I never understood why that exercise was supposed to be team-building. I worked in a very dysfunctional place where people were really out to get you. Catching you when you allowed yourself to fall, while under the eyes of management, didn’t mean diddly-squat. They’d continue their accustomed backstabbing, lying, work-avoiding ways right after those futile exercises.

  1. Why was a book you’re supposed to write in ever in a library? And it assumes everyone has a “best friend of the opposite sex”. Weed away

  2. What really makes this a weeder (apart from pub date) is all the underlining. I’m surprised that patron didn’t write in their answers in the various blanks!

  3. It would take a heck of a lot more than $100,000 to begin to achieve most of the goals on p. 42. I know they are hypothetical, but I’d add, “Take the money and run.” (Run far, far away from any seminar where this book is taught.)

  4. I still prefer the “magical staff inservice” book from years ago. This one looks like it’s actually reasonable. Except for calling things “exhibits”. That’s odd.

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