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A plan for family healing

I am sure all of you remember our post Gayness Explained. You know, so the kids will understand that gayness is caused by parents fighting and sexual abuse.  Well, this book is for the adults. Cohen has provided a “step by step plan” to get rid of all that gay stuff.

Best part are some of the reasons kids suffer from “Same Sex Attachment Disorder”:

-Parents who fight
-Sexual abuse
-Being teased about liking “girly” stuff (if you are a guy)
-Bad fathers

This is beyond awful.



back cover

Page 72-73

Pages 74-75


  1. Gosh, it looks like everything causes people to be gay. Cultural wounds! Body-image wounds! The all inclusive “Other!” I always thought that those “hetero-emotional wounds” made one act like poor Oedipus Rex, marrying mom and all that. What an educational wonder this book is!

    Perhaps it could be shredded, as I can’t bring myself to recommend book-burning.

    1. I was just going to say the same thing! It’s almost some kind of bizarre acknowlegement that anyone can be gay.

      1. I grew up in a very religious home, wasn’t abused, my parents didn’t fight, I was not molested, never did any ‘experimenting’ when I was young, my parents are married 50+ years, I was never called names or bullied in school, I learned a lot from my dad about construction, plumbing, electrical work, growing up I didn’t have any gay relatives or neighbors, or know anyone that was gay. So I guess I fall into the “other” category. lol

        1. Ooh, but you can still be “cured” of “Same Sex Attachment Disorder” if you try hard enough. (And also Cooties, Dragon Pox, Spattergroit, Vampiris, and any other made up illness.)

  2. What a dreadful, offensive book. It is not even that old. My state abolished marriage discrimination in the year it came out.

  3. I like how it isn’t until the very last blurb that the cover makes clear that this is a book about making your child not be gay as opposed to, say, helping your family deal with the fact that your child is gay, and your family has a religious or cultural background that says that’s a problem. I wonder how many people pick this thing up because they’re looking for help reconciling their love for their gay kid with a religious background that says being gay is wrong, and wind up being led down the garden path of thinking they can “fix” their kid’s gayness.

  4. 2007??

    The worst thing is that it’s hard to tell, at first glance, what approach this book takes. With all the talk of “healing” and “mutual respect,” it sounds like it could be about acceptance, until you read some of the quotations (and especially the affiliations) more closely.

  5. Discard or archive. I have to admit there is a certain ethics that requires some books that are discarded to be actually destroyed to prevent them causing actual harm, post-Friends sale.

  6. “Today our youth are being solicited into homosexuality under false pretences. It is actually becoming quite trendy to be ‘gay’ or ‘bi’.” Yes, sexual orientation, just like disco music, leg warmers or snap bracelets, quickly goes in and out of style. So be sure to stay on top of those trends, kids. Think of how awkward it’ll be introducing your same-sex partner to your family, only to discover that it’s no longer hip and fashionable. Avoid being a Fashion Don’t and adjust your orientation according to the hottest trends.

    1. Yup. Being gay is so trendy. Straight guys love it when their buddies think they are gay, and they get rejected by their friends and families. Or when gays get fired from their jobs. Or beaten up. Or killed. Yeah, there are so many positive things that one benefits from being gay. (that was sarcasm).

      The truth is, the largest ex-gay organization in the US recently disbanded after it’s president admitted that he didn’t know any gay man who had ever changed his orientation (a man who probably met hundreds, if not thousands of people desperately seeking to change their orientation). Google: “George Rekers”, one of the leading proponent of ex-gay therapy (hint you might also need to add “rent boy” to your search term to get the most relevant result.)

      1. Just to be clear, my response was one of sarcasm to a quote from the book (it’s on page 75 under Cultural Wounds, in quote marks). I am well aware of the discrimination that still exists in regards to being gay or bi. Sadly, the authors of the book seem to have no clue.

  7. You know, I find this book to be reprehensible in its deluded approach to a natural situation.

    But how many libraries have, or have had, books on the shelves all about flying saucers and alien abductions, astrology, “New Age” healing, “alternative” medical techniques, the Bermuda Triangle, the “fad diet” of the year, the latest conspiracy theories about politicians or Big Business, etc.? Or religious ideas that, if we apply even-handed analysis to it, are no better than cults or Scientology? How is this book any different from someone brazenly alleging as propaganda that the medical/pharmaceutical/bio-research industry or some political party is Evil Incarnate?

    If we were to remove any and every opinionated or selective-presentation book that could conceivably cause “harmful” thinking, we’d be getting rid of a lot of books, including a lot of books very popular in libraries.

    1. I draw the line at “likely to cause actual harm”. A book that decries X, Y or Z – though I may find it has shoddy research to back it – is not going to cause mental trauma if someone reads it and takes it to heart, unlike this one.

      1. “I draw the line at “likely to cause actual harm”.”

        And just where does one draw a line on THAT? People can embrace astrology to the point where their lives are crippled because they can’t make a decision without consulting an astrology chart. Religious books could cause someone to renounce all material goods and family and join a monastery or convent. There are people who end up following “alternative therapy” protocols or diets to the point where their budgets are broken and all their time is consumed planning the next sequence of meals to avoid all the things alleged to do harm–carbs, gluten, artificial ingredients, GMO, meats, dairy, paleo, “the Zone,” Atkins, whatever. I’ve personally known people rendered dysfunctional by their obsessive dietary disorders, real or imagined. People have lost their lives’ savings from bad investment advice, some garnered from books. Computer games could suck up days or productive life and love–how dare the library encourage that with guidebooks to such games! I’ve seen cases of children because their parents had faith in the power of prayer or alternative quackery rather than a simple, straightforward medical treatment. Heck, let’s get rid of the Communist Manifesto or “Mein Kampf” while we’re at it!

        I mean, heck, I’ve seen libraries that refused to carry men’s magazines like Maxim, GQ, or Esquire because they’re “sexist” and of “no redeeming value,” but you’d be hard-pressed to find a library that doesn’t carry the equally “sexist” and “worthless” Cosmopolitan and other “women’s” magazines of an equally schlocky nature.

        If you’re going to say “this book is demonstrably false and may cause harm,” fine, get rid of it on that basis. But don’t be selective about it. Go after ALL the books that are equally false and capable of causing harm.

        You have a LOT of work ahead of you.

  8. COHEN!!!!!! *Fist shake*

    This is probably the worst of his books just because it’s masquerading as a regular parenting book.

  9. This book is precisely why your ALB site exists! This is awesome!

    Presuming your child is unaware of their orientation at first and into the awkward early teens and they’re not quite fitting in and finally come to understand who they are and it’s all good, say at 15 or so, I should hope this treacle of a book doesn’t talk about your ‘gay/lesbian 9-year old’ and how to fix them. And once they’re 15+ the notion of fixing them is obtuse, even if someone is twisted enough to equate homosexuality with a drug addiction. Who exactly is IVP Publishing…. That answer probably all we need to know.
    Keep in mind, if not the present librarians on staff (2007 copyright) then your predecessor ORDERED this book! Think about THAT!

  10. It sickens and saddens me to see this sort of thing, but it doesn’t really surprise me. Some attitudes take far too long to change. IVP stands for InterVarsity Press, a conservative/ Evangelical Christian publishing company. While *many* Christians do not think this way, there are conservatives of every religious group I’ve encountered who think this way about LGBT issues. (I’m currently in Asia, and neither observant Muslims nor the Sikhs and Hindus I’ve encountered here are lining up to join PFLAG.)

    What weirds me out most is the way that the author refers to “religion” as a contributing factor to being gay. Maybe this is the author’s elliptical way of implying that the kid isn’t right with God? I can’t think of any religion that imposes homosexuality on people.

  11. Society is pressuring kids to think they may be gay or bi at an early age~ I just let my kids (preteens) know that they can be gay when they turn 18 and are out of the house. Until then, they are still maturing and don’t really know who they are.

    1. I hope you are also telling them they can’t be straight either, for the same reasons. If they “don’t really know who they are” until they are post-18, then they can’t know they are straight either, right?

      People are either straight or gay or bi. No one can force someone to be gay, or bi, or straight. You either are or you aren’t.

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