Yoonited States of Uhmurica

Yoonited States of UhmuricaLife (and Death) in the ‘Yoonited States of Uhmurica’

Submitter: Collected and published in Canada, this book is full of articles about the foibles of those of us living in the U.S. It was found in my small academic library undergoing a major cataloging project. I can’t imagine what course this book could possibly support and how it managed to skip any weeding in the last 30-some years. I did enjoy showing my video game-loving son the article about the Pac-Man enthusiast who was banned from the arcade, though!

Holly: It’s kind of fun to browse, but can probably easily be weeded from a small academic library.


pot industry

surrogate mother

OTC sperm kits

woman police man



  1. What a weird book. I am sure it has been retained for comic relief! I do like some of the headlines.

  2. In the Age of Caitlin Jenner (maybe you oughta reopen the “Leave a Reply” on the Bruce Jenner book?), 3 big cheers for the Washington police force for keeping the transwoman cop on the force! The language of the report is a bit dated though (we don’t say “transsexual” any more)

  3. Some of this stuff sounds like it came from one of those insane American tabloid papers. Probably because it *did* come out of one of those insane American tabloid papers. 🙂

    1. My thoughts exactly–looks like a collage of “articles” from the tabloids. In which case, it should probably be in the humor section.

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