Yikes! Mom got a job?

mom got a job

My Mom Got a Job

Mom got a job and now life is cruel. The basic story is that child laments how Mom used to do all these great things and now she doesn’t.  Dad’s role and responsibility in parenting is somewhat vague.

As you can see from the image below, the new job also implies that Mom is letting kid slide on housework .  Kind of a boring story and the illustration on the cover (I think the eyes mostly) are giving me the creeps.  Not really that awful, but certainly no award winner either.

I will admit to some personal bias on this topic as a well-meaning (idiotic) school employee told me that my part time library “career” was probably a contributing factor in my son’s less than stellar behavior during 8th grade. I will also point out that no one ever said things like that to my husband.  Said child also remarked to school officials that he was probably genetically pre-disposed to behavior problems since his parents were also troublemakers.

Another terrible mother who is responsible for all the world’s ills,


mom got a job



  1. Mom and Dad look like brother and sister. That just adds to the general creepiness of the illustration.

  2. Continuing recent discussions, I just checked and none of the public or school libraries in our consortium still have this title but two of the universities do.

  3. Makes me wonder if the illustrator was a working mom as well. Her cover illustration is a contributing factor to giving me the creeps!

  4. what happened in the 70s? did we just forget what things that look good look like? were we aliens?

  5. The mom and dad look creepily alike. I thought they were supposed to be the same person at first.

  6. A university library in my area has this book–it would make a great source on attitudes in the 1970’s to the changing world of the workplace, no doubt. I hope no one would read it to their child, I agree, pretty ugly illustrations.

    Someone gave my daughter a whole bag of old children’s books that range in date from the late 60’s and all through 70’s, and I can peg the decade just by looking at the “art”. It looks so dated and awful! Yet if you look at stuff by Beatrix Potter, it’s just timeless. I agree with fromula, what happened?

  7. Not sure what is going on here, thematically. Does the author want to argue against mothers joining the workplace? Is the book meant to help children cope with a new situation – i.e. being more independent now that mom’s at work? Since the theme doesn’t take a positive angle, it leaves me wondering about the author’s intentions…

  8. From the cover, it looks like Mom is off to work in one direction, Dad is off to work in another direction, and the darling daughter has been given some books to keep her busy all day. I sort of remember this book when my mom went back to work when my baby sister started school a few years after this was published, but apparently it did not leave much of an impression.

  9. Wow, this came out the year I was born. I kind of feel bad about my mom giving up on going back to work when I was younger now; we definitely lived in an area that would have seen heavy circulation of this type of book.

  10. Ms. Yingling–Thank goodness doubleknit polyester has gone out of fashion (or relegated tp the “old ladies” section, where you can get birdhouses and happy trees on your baggy sweatshirts). B.O. has been virtually eradicated as a result! It was like wearing Swiffer mops!

  11. My Mom Got A Job And Now My Life Isn’t Worth Living, by Ima Downer. Illustrated in Depress-o-Vision.

  12. Ooh, cool, a book about turtle-people hybrids…wait, what, it’s about working moms? Meh, forget it, then.

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