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fashion business coverFashion Business: It’s All Yours

Submitter: I found this gem in a small urban public library. I get so upset at old career guides for patrons. Here is some career advice for the fashion industry. When is this from? 90’s? – Nope. Don’t say the 1980’s? Nope! 1976. This is still in a public library, with two other copies at local schools that share their catalogue. Its almost 40 years old. Taking up space, collecting dust and helping no one.  I highlighted a nice little blurb about the current hosts of the Today show, Barbara Walters and Jim Hartz.

Holly: Puh-leaze. Please. PLEASE. Weed your career books. #Please

fashion business contents

fashion business contents

Barbara Walters and Jim Hartz


  1. I wasn’t even born when this was published.

    Think about how fashion has changed in those near 40 years. We had the travesty that was the 80’s with the huge shoulder pads and bubble perms… The shell suits and phat pants of the 90’s… The 70’s and just about every other decade came back in the noughties… …

    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the 70’s will just come back round this year and this book will be relevant again.


  2. Okay, I agree this has no place on a modern career shelf, but Estelle Hamburger was an amazing role model for people wanting to work in fashion. Perhaps it should be swapped for a copy her of 1940 ‘It’s a Woman’s Business’ instead? Much more inspirational…

  3. The list of the different department stores in the “Where do you buy your clothes?” section of the table of contents is by itself enough to consider weeding this book!

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