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What Would Jesus Craft: 30 Simple Projects for Making a Blessed Home

If you are Christian and easily offended, please stop reading right now. This book may push you right over the edge. For everyone else, here goes nothing.

Here at ALB our standard fare consists of “it’s old,” “it’s irrelevant,” “it’s dirty,” and “it’s wrong for this library.” This book is none of those. It’s just odd. It’s not a bad choice for a public library, depending on your community (and their sense of humor…), it just tickled us and we simply have to share. Please click on the images below to see them in their full-sized glory. You won’t want to miss any detail, trust me.

What, in fact, would Jesus craft? Keep the Faith Flops? An Eye-See-You-In-Hell Mirror? A Lucky Lottery Ticket Caddy? These items and more can be yours with holy cards and glitter and a little sacrilege creativity.

Break out the crucifixes and have at it!

In Jesus name we craft,




wwjc back cover



sandals crafts

lottery ticket caddy

eye mirror

pet dinosaur nacho platter

bread plate

war on Christmas action figures







  1. Thank you for saving the best one for last!
    Now I know what to ask for Christmas. War-On-Christmas action figures.

  2. This reminds me of the Amy Sedaris craft books…craptastic! I think it is a hoot and I am Catholic 🙂

  3. The eye-see-you-in-hell mirror is just creepy. I want one, minus the ‘missing you in church’ details.

    Did Christian martyrs really eat Spaghetti-O’s?

  4. Uh… pretty sure this is a humor book, meant to be shelved in the humor section. That’s where it is on Amazon. The author has written other adult humor books. The blurb for this book reads, “… a hilarious take on a Sunday school’s craft book…”


    “Reverence meets irreverence…. MacDonald’s sense of humor shines with projects that poke fun at the clash between popular culture and religion…. Though the easy comparison is to Amy Sedaris, MacDonald’s incisive humor puts him in the same wheelhouse as Penn Jillette and other comedians who poke fun at religion.” ―Library Journal

    It’s a wonderful book! I love it!

    1. Urk. Yeah. I guess lines like “whether you are a Catholic or a normal Christian” should have been dead giveaways.

  5. This must have been from the “white elephant” table at Jesus’ yard sale…

  6. Hey I’m a Christian and I’m offended! But not by what you warned about! but by the idiots who publish this rubbish in Jesus’ name.

    Thanks for joining me in lampooning this rubbish.

  7. Just noticed the “Jesus loves my ass” patch that was being attached to the back of those Wranglers…
    Wrong. So, so wrong…

    1. I’m a godless heathen, and even I find that really crass. Well done, book authors, even the hellbound are offended!

  8. Where are the recycled plastic altar call knee pads??? (Recycled because you can never rededicate your life to the Lord too many times.)

  9. Yeah, this is obviously meant to be inappropriately humorous. I’m finding it kind of funny, myself.

  10. Awww. I quite like the St. Francis collar. Maybe they can make one that isn’t so cheap. ” I bless you Sir Fuzzybottomus, and wish you health and a full, shiny coat”.

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