How to Write and Sell Confessions

How to Wrtie and Sell Confessions coverHow to Write and Sell Confessions

Submitter: From a large public library that recently weeded the 800s/authorship how to’s. This had circed in the last 5 years, which is surprising considering that these “true confessions” magazines don’t really exist as a phenomenon anymore (though at least one of them is still around, although in a less lurid version:

Here’s a great collection of covers of confessional magazines from their heyday, for those readers who don’t recall the genre:

Holly: This book is basically “how to write click bait” for the 80s.


Haunted by my mother's past

Titles to tempt the reader


  1. “Those unintelligent flies on the wall had misplaced my arthroplasty retractor. Again. What? It’s not in one of the cupboards?! Just who is that b****y new theatre sister, and why is her eye color changing from hazel to swirling green? I feel my birchwood raising hell. I swing away through the wildly flailing doors, fwap, fwap, fwap, fwap, looking for for a less-colourful nurse who can take better care of my instrument.”

  2. There’s at least two of these magazines still around, but they’re getting harder to find at the grocery store. My grandmother loves them.

    1. I bought my 1st house “as is, with contents” from extreme hoarders. Cleaning it out was a total horror show, but also kind of entertaining. I found all kinds of weird stuff! Like a wedding dress (one of 5) with fur trim and what appeared to be giant bloodstains.

      I found an entire bureau full of 1970s era True Confessions magazines, and I must confess that I read them all before throwing them out. Occasionally I’ll pick one up on the rare occasions I shop at Walmart (apparently the only place that carries them around here).

      Sadly, the modern ones aren’t nearly as salacious or as groovy.

  3. I did not realize this genre existed and am FASCINATED. I wonder if any of the back issues are available online, or if there are compilations anywhere

  4. Quote:

    “a young woman who had been married for several years almost burst into tears when her mother-in-law accused her of taking birth controls pills to keep from bearing a child. This was not true, and the young wife was crushed by such a cruel accusation.”

    WHAT??!! When did you say this book was published? Imagine the unspeakable cruelty of suggesting … that a married woman might consciously choose not to have children. How evil!

  5. Add-on to the above (darn, how I wish we could edit posts!): I looked up the author. In the course of the ’80’s and ’90’s, Susan C. Feldhake cranked out at least nine titles in the Enduring Faith series, which is just what it sounds like: Christian romance. My favorite romance-novel site doesn’t seem to have heard of her, though.

    There’s also Self Motivation for Writers and Writing True-Life Stories. I sense a trend.

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