World Leaders Past and Present

Margaret Thatcher coverMargaret Thatcher
World Leaders, Past and Present

Submitter: Or, as a friend put it, “Dictators and a Couple of OK People”. This is a YA nonfic series that we only weeded a couple of years ago from the Norwood Public Library where I’m the Library Assistant. They have been sitting in our book sale room ever since; strangely, nobody has bought any of them.

These books were published in the 80s, when I was in high school. Even as a voracious reader of anything I could get my hands on, these would have bored me to tears, with their dense text and black-and-white photos. The librarian who ordered them back then was probably talked into the set by a slick salesman, since she was completely out of touch with teenagers.

Holly: More like “World Leaders, Past and Past-er.” What’s up with the font styles on the spines? That’s dumb.

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  1. Looking at the racism of the font of Deng Xiaoping, I’d say the publisher also has prejudice against Nelson and Winnie Mandela and I’d say that couple does not belong in the list of tyrants at all. Perhaps the publisher is also misogynist to include Thatcher’s name (she was a bully and tyrant anyway).

    Librarians have to comb with finer teeth these days which is good; the bar was set really low even back then.

    1. Not everyone who ran a country in 198x was a dictator, just enough to give this library’s collection a bad appearance. I’m interested in Mugabe and the Mandelas though – neither was an official world leader at the time as Ian Smith and the National Party still ruled Rhodesia and pre-1994 South Africa.

  2. Ooh, bonus extra racism on the Deng and Hirohito spine fonts. Since this is a series, why don’t they all have the same font? Perhaps “Dictator Sans”?

    I don’t recall Thatcher’s neck being THAT long.

    Looks like the submitter is going to have to separate the pages from the covers and recycle the former.

    1. Khomeini looks like he got set in Optima – a good general font. What they gave Xiaoping, however, is a disgrace. As un-serious as they come.

  3. What, you mean they don’t use the “Jurassic Park” font for Mugabe or the Mandelas ? That particular font is a cliche for the covers of books about Africa or African Americans (although it’s actually a German invention)

  4. Surprised they didn’t use some fakey “Arabic” style font for Khomeni and Quaddafi.

    And why is Mugabe’s book in a dull color that you can’t read the title on?

    The more I look at Thatcher, the more she looks like a Monty Python cartoon of herself.

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