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How to Have a Child and Keep Your Job coverHow to have a child and keep your job: a candid guide for working parents

Submitter: I found the following advise book in my local public library, giving out parenting and career advise from 1979. Probably a great choice for 1979 since many women were going back, or staying in the workforce. 2015? I don’t think so.

Holly: The statistics cited in the introduction date this book right from the start. I like the page on role-sharing and household responsibilities [p.62, below], and I’m sure there some other nuggets of good information here. The rest, like the list of examples of quality television for children, are just outdated. Not a bad book, just not current enough to warrant keeping. Weed and update!

How to Have a Child and Keep Your Job introduction

Role sharing

How your job affects your child's development

What should you do about television?


  1. Oh, dear…
    I cannot stop laughing at those t.v. suggestions! I wonder how parents would feel knowing that adventurer Jacques Cousteau was also a bigamist!

    1. He wasn’t a bigamist, though. He had a mistress and kids with her, but she didn’t marry him until after his first wife died.

  2. This seems like it’s got a lot going for it (I particularly like the section on how a man does ‘help’ the woman parent, he parents, and he doesn’t give permission for his wife to work, she works). I hope the author or publisher came out with an updated version! Maybe one that mentions tablets and the internet…

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