Working for the (Wo)Man

how to work for a woman boss

How to Work for a Woman Boss, Even If You’d Rather Not

The boss lady on the cover sure looks mean!  Sure, women as bosses were still something of a novelty in 1987.  In 2010 (I mean 2011!)  there are certainly discussions about women in business, women in positions of power, communication styles in the workplace, and all that.  This 1987 book is not going to address any current issues, so its time has come and gone.  I love the little blurb about how this topic has never been discussed openly or honestly “until now”.  Weeder!

I would love to see some pages from inside this book, but submitter didn’t have any more pages to send.  Does anyone else have access to this book? What advice does it give?

Now get to work!




  1. My Mom was one of the first woman bosses in the area back then, VP of a bank. I have to wonder if she used that look on the guys in her department. It sure worked on me.

  2. In the past I used to work with a woman boss, she was the head of the radio I worked in. I didn’t even realized that my boss was a woman, I didn’t care about her gender anyway. It’s only after two years working there that somebody asked me “isn’t it difficult as a man to work for a woman ?” and I was amazed at the question : I never asked it to myself and my answer was rather clear and short…

  3. I wonder if there is a chapter about dealing with your woman boss during a certain time of the month. Yikes!

  4. The blurb says it’s an “expose.” Like there are not just unknown, but actually _hidden_ things about women bosses.

  5. Funny…I assumed you work for a woman boss the same way you work for a man. I guess that pesky vagina ruins everything.

  6. This and the resulting comments are priceless! I hope you can find a copy so we can read the resulting pearls of wisdom.

    I’d change my current cable line-up at great personal expense to see “Pesky Vagina Ruins Everything!”

  7. @Joe, there would also need to be a chapter on the Menopausal Boss. Perhaps they would suggest how to slap on a HRT patch without her noticing? Maybe in the “Revised and Updated” edition. My cousin is a TV writer–I shall have to suggest that he write a whatever they call it to pitch to the network execs for “PVRE”!

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