Work Rules for Ladies

Rogers rules for business women

Rogers’ Rules for Business-Women
How to start a career and move up the ladder

You can be a successful business woman with our author’s advice: dress nice, be friendly, and don’t chew gum. The tone is very paternalistic, boarding on annoying.  You will be glad to know that Rogers states that “real” sexual harassment in rare. But, (there is always a but), be careful of giving sex signals to your male co-workers. They might get the wrong idea. This advice is basically a how to be popular at work. It seems somewhat light for the late 1980s, let alone the 21st century. Weed it and tell women to read the Ask a Manager blog or Harvard Business Review.


back cover

dress advice for women

make a good first impression

be assertive


what does sex have to do with it?

responding to sexual harassment






  1. For rule 2 of being assertive, I disagree that you should never say “that’s not my job”. There are plenty of times that “working off-label” is a bad idea personally or for the employer too.

  2. 1988?! “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” ended in 1977 and was more progressive than this! Introduced by Dear Abby, who was 70 at the time. Even the cover design is out of date for 1988.

  3. Dismaying that nobody involved in this book’s production apparently knew that the possessive form of a singular word (or name) ending in “s” is ” ‘s”, not just the apostrophe. “Rogers’ ” just makes him look plural. Some believe that the only exception is the name Jesus.

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