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Career Prep: Working in a Hospital

Career books are one of those hot button collections that continually give me a twitch when they aren’t current. This one is really out of date with respect to job descriptions and duties. Aimed at middle/high school age, this book covers a myriad of jobs, beyond that of just a doctor or a nurse. The intent of this book isn’t too bad. I like the attempt to show what the day looks like, training needed, and what a particular job is all about. I doubt any of the job titles and descriptions even exist anymore.

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  1. “A day in the life of an admitting clerk” seems pretty relaxed to me. I wonder if anyone even in 1983 would recognize such a schedule.

    1. I think they left out things like unnecessary meetings, tracking down paperwork, fetching coffee, listening to some people drone on and on… 🙂

  2. The careers in this book are fairly similar to ones that exist today. Biggest difference would be the use of technology.

    Interesting that the author, Jane Claypool Miner, was one of the contributors to the Sunfire series.

  3. Hospitals treat over 25 _billion_ people per year; 4 _billion_ babies are born! If this is the level of proofreading, can anything in this book be trusted?

    1. Haha, the 25 billion might be the number of visits? But there’s no explanation for 4 billion babies.

  4. As a hospital pharmacist I can vouch that this is outdated, you can’t get a job nowadays as a pharmacy tech by starting in bookkeeping. There is an associates program and state certification required, with further certifications for sterile product prep. It’s a very different world now.

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