WordPerfect 5.0 for the Savvy Librarian

librarian's guide to word perfect

Librarian’s Guide to WordPerfect

I know many of you are looking for some opportunities for continuing education. May I suggest the world of word processing? This timely topic is ripe for a librarian wanting to get ahead of all the new technology.

Over and over, Holly and I have seen some pathetic professional collections out there. They are often ignored and unused. This year, I decided to just integrate them into our regular circulating collection. This opens them up to more use and hopefully our staff will be able to see it regularly. Also, since it is on the regular shelf in the 000s, I know I will be better able to keep an eye on this collection.

I have no idea if this will work since I only started to integrate it into the collection a couple of months ago. Maybe something will happen. I doubt that we will have much call for WordPerfect 5.0.


introduction keyboard layout creating a letter master document


  1. I tell ya, I still miss WordPerfect. I used it as long as it was available for the machine I had.

    But this book was an easy weed years ago.

  2. I LOVED WordPerfect at the time, and the time was a long time ago. I lamented the inevitable take-over of MSWord for years.

  3. Believe it or not, I still use WP. Have fond memories of versions 4.1 and 5… (showing my age bracket here) but my current one is more recent, X8. I love being able to check out what’s happening below the lines.

  4. I hated WordPerfect. It was so hard to deal with the formatting, etc. Microsoft Word was a lot better.

    1. I had to put together a training document in WP with running text in a column about 3/4 the page width with callouts in the outer edges in a column about 1/4 width. In WP, each page felt like it took about a day to lay out. And forget about it if I needed to add or delete any of the main text because that would change the spacing and make the callouts not line up with what they were calling out.

      Now I’d just do it in Publisher, though.

  5. Before I was a librarian I was an accountant and in 1989 WordPerfect was a breakthrough. Master documents and ALT commands. It’s overdue for weeding but definitely a conversation starter.

  6. Just looking at this makes my eyes cross. In 1989, you were better off using a typewriter with a white-out ribbon than wasting your time with this arcana. Today, there’s even less reason.

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