Woodworking for the Ladies

Puzzle Holder

Woodworking Projects for Women

Submitter: This beauty hasn’t circulated in over 3 years, and I can’t imagine why! The title and cover alone are horrible, and the projects inside are definitely outdated.

Holly: I was surprised this was only ten years old. It looks very 90s to me! It’s also somewhat sexist, like there are specific projects for women who woodwork that men wouldn’t want to make, or as if women wouldn’t want a general woodworking book that men would use too. Men only make duck decoys and women only make home and garden decor.

It’s not the worst public library book I’ve ever seen, and it was a reasonable acquisition, but definitely weed-worthy if it isn’t being used any more.

Hanging Night Stand


Seaside Bench






  1. I dunno if I’d call it sexist, persay–this are a bunch of doo-dads I can see my mom really liking. She wants to get into woodworking only for doodads, she says she’s not interested in actual furniture, just boxes, shelves, birdhouses. She’s still working, and has some pain issues/hates how fussy the math of some furniture can get, but still likes making little cute stuff. I get that not all women would be into this stuff (I’m not), but I can’t imagine ANY dudes being into it, either. Maybe they pitched “Woodworking for Pre-Retirement Middle aged Appalachian Moms Who Have Fibromyalgia and Like to Make Stuff for Their Friends But are on a Budget” and they thought it was too long? B/c straight up, my mom would be nuts for this book.

  2. Am I the only one who wouldn’t weed this book? I do like the bench, and the angel wing candle sticks are quite decorative. If someone gifted that to me, I’d be impressed. And speaking of rag rugs, I have an aunt who uses her loom to make rugs for friends and family. So there are many of us ladies who like making things!

    1. I like some of the projects too – maybe “Hobby Woodworking” would be a more appropriate title, but people probably aren’t checking it out because of the outdated cover. I say if you can’t update it, book-sale it!

  3. I guess I should learn to make the trendy nightstand because I have the exact same bedspread pattern on my bed that’s shown in the picture!

  4. The projects look good, but the title is enough to put off most readers. What’s wrong with something like “Easy Woodworking for Beginners”?

  5. I know some women up in the area where I go fishing who’d like this book simply because during the winter months they make crafts to sell either in the local stores or at craft fairs. Most of them only do day jobs during the spring and summer and need other ways to make money when their workplaces are closed for the season. Things like the angels would be perfect for them as they have limited space to begin with.

    And I rather like the bench though I wouldn’t decorate it like that. Not a fan of the “distressed” look.

    Still, I imagine there are more up to date books with titles that wouldn’t make one automatically think “sexism!” Weed it.

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