Women’s Trouble

Real Menstrual Cycle coverThe Real Menstrual Cycle
Doreen Asso

Submitter: This gem was recently weeded from an academic library in rural Ohio. The collection has never been significantly weeded, so the process has unearthed some real treasures, but this is the first one we’ve considered worth sharing with the world. There are no pictures besides the cover to share (fortunately? unfortunately?) because the contents are just text and charts. Besides the old copyright date and the semi-rigid plastic covering of weapon-grade sharpness, we were particularly unnerved by the smiling woman on the cover. Who is she? Why is she smiling? Is she having a happy period? Is she just excited to have her research published? Other questions arose as well, such as, what is a FAKE menstrual cycle? can there be dream menstrual cycles? The book had only been checked out once in the past 15 years. Time to go. Circle of life.

Holly: I was in third grade when this was published in 1983, so it was a couple of years before I was given “the talk” in school. It does seem like all the reading material we were given included happy, smiling women playing sports and lots of pink flowers, though. I get that they want to put a happy, natural, nothing-to-fret-about spin on the information, which I guess is preferable to “this sucks, ‘the curse,’ pain-and-misery” approach, but the woman on the cover of this book is just a disembodied head showing too many teeth. It’s weird.


  1. Oh, my…I just don’t know where to begin! I can’t stop laughing! The stuff that actually get published just amazes me. And perplexes me as well.

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