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Submitter: This may not be horrible, but at 20 years it’s definitely past its prime. Not being a woman myself, some of the information looked questionable and so I asked my young work-study what she thought. She asked me who Debbie Reynolds is. Sigh… Now the gray hairs in my temples feel so much more prominent.

Holly: And, of course, half the book is about weight loss, age-proofing, and belly-flattening.

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  1. You might know her better as Carrie Fisher’s (Princess Leia) mother.

  2. A lot of younger people know Debbie Reynolds from a tv movie called Halloween Town.

    And it may be outdated but dang, I’ll take this over a more modern one I found recently called Radical Metabolism. The woman who wrote it, who isn’t even a medical professional, said that VACCINES mess up your metabolism because “they have mercury and GMOs in them!” Now I understand why anti-vaxxer wackadoos tell me that I’m fat because I’m “vaccine injured.”

    1. @Jami: I hope these anti-vaxxer wackadoos aren’t people who you can’t easily avoid, like family members or co-workers!

      1. Thankfully I mostly have interactions with them online. They don’t seem brave enough to go after me IRL, even when I’m wearing shirts that say things like “Vaccines cause adults,” “Hug me, I’m vaccinated,” and “Vaccines Work, GMOs are safe, everything is a chemical.” It’s like they’re only only able to speak up online.

  3. Whoever the “50 ways…” is aimed at needs to shave a lot more than 100 calories from their diet.
    “Eat one hotdog instead of two” .. “Order your hamburger without cheese” .. “Put one less tablespoon of butter on your baked potato” (who puts even ONE tablespoon of butter on a single baked potato??!!) … use light syrup on your pancakes .. dip your chips in salsa … have 2 cookies instead of 5 ..
    How about EAT NONE OF THESE THINGS. Well, except the potato, I suppose.
    Good grief!

    1. The idea is that these are easy ways to make immediate changes that are still measurably better for you, rather than jumping headfirst into a completely new diet, which can be very intimidating and hard to stick with. Those small changes can and do add up toward building healthier habits. Why are you so hostile in this comment? Maybe you should have a cookie or five, jeez.

    2. If you cut out everything you like completely you’re more likely to binge eat it later. So how about not being so judgmental?

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