Women and Beauty from Sophia Loren

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Women and Beauty

I am a big fan of Sophia Loren, and my parents introduced me to the movie Houseboat (1958) with Cary Grant. She always seemed ageless to me and I would imagine this book to be a good choice in the early 1980s. I think the publishers were after a book that would show that even though you might be over 40 (gasp!), you can still look good.

The book wasn’t too bad, and aside from those horrible 80s glasses and the red puffy dress, the fashion isn’t too terrible. Again, I think Sophia Loren is just one of those timeless women who can wear about anything from any time and make it work. As far as a library book, I don’t think it really would work as a fashion or beauty book for 2020, but it might be one to hang onto just because it is Sophia Loren. In some libraries, it might be an automatic weed. This one could go either way, depending on the situation.


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  1. There’s always terrible fashion in every era that looks stupid even at the time, so I give her a pass on the hideous poofy red dress. I’m sure I’d have thought it was terrible in 1984.

    Maybe move it to biography, or at least mark it way up in the book sale. Sophia is timeless.

    Here she is just this week (!) talking about beauty and about the brand new movie she’s in, at age 86. Good for her.


    1. Sophia may be timeless but the book isn’t. Get an updated biography and send this one to the book sale.

  2. Whatever thoughts I may have had about the “timeless beauty” of Sophia Loren have been obliterated by her cover-photo attempt to pass as Tammy Faye Bakker.

    And the librarian having a girl crush on her is not enough of an excuse to retain it. Sorry.

  3. Clothing and makeup styles of yore were so unflattering and unforgiving. Sophia is 50 here, but the styling makes her look so much older, I think.

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