Winter Is Coming

Outdoor Winter Activities - coverThe Book of Outdoor Winter Activities
Peterson and Edgren

Submitter: I just weeded this from our mid-sized public library. We’re in Canada so winter sports are a big deal, but this guide from the early 1960s is less than helpful. I cracked up over the section discussing how to care for your steel skis. Do they even make those anymore? The winter sports information is terrifyingly and dangerously outdated as there have been serious improvements in equipment for most of the sports discussed. The winter social activities are just dated. While I’ll be keeping this one in my stash for its adorable cover art, this one is just too old to be useful.

Holly: Winter activities are popular here in Michigan too, so this wouldn’t fly here either. The cover is adorable, but I have to agree with submitter that it is outdated and no longer useful.

Outdoor Winter Activities - back cover

Outdoor Winter Activities - dedication

Outdoor Winter Activities - skiing

Outdoor Winter Activities - winter sports carnivals


  1. Just look at the back cover! “Living Like Indians”! Oh, the lucky librarian who finds that one still in her or his collection 🙂

  2. One of the winter activities is hiding in the bushes and taking picture of people? The 60s were an interesting time, huh?

  3. Living in Florida, we don’t use books like this much. But I love the books listed on the back cover. Fun With Brand-New Games has been out of print for so long it isn’t even available used at, so I guess the games either weren’t fun or stopped being brand-new at some point. Living Like Indians was apparently updated in 2011, so we can still live like Indians in the 21st century. The Winter Activities book doesn’t seem to have been updated, but Gunnar Peterson was still releasing workout books and DVDs in the 2000s.

  4. What is the woman in the upper right doing–ice sculpture? I like how all the women are in skirts. No warm legs for you!

  5. Not sure I understand: You only posted one page about winter carnivals (and the one in St. Paul is still going very strong, long may she wave), but wherever there are snow and ice there will be skiing, sledding or skating parties, so what’s so “dated” beyond c. 1961 photographs? I can’t think of anything else that might have driven them from popularity.

    What St. Paul has added to its winter carnival in recent years is Crashed Ice, where speedskaters race on a sloped course from the steps of the cathedral to a finish line at the bottom of the hill. That’s a pretty new pastime (from the era of the X Games)

    1. I think it’s the equipment, clothing, rules, and safety issues associated with winter sports that have changed.

    2. Yes, and wouldn’t people interested in attending major winter carnivals want to see some up-to-date color photos, maybe from the 2000’s?

  6. Actually, all alpine skis do still have steel edges.

    And there is one company that currently makes alpine skis with normal p-tex bases and steel edges, a poplar (wood) core, and a steel cap (top skin).

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