Will Disco Ever Die?

Disco Dancing coverDisco Dancing
Cherry and Tomlan

Submitter: Will Disco Ever Die?  Found this in the children’s books and it’s kept me laughing for several days so maybe we should keep it – recataloged under Humor.  Tap disco????  Who would be able to hear the tapping in a noisy disco??!

Holly: Aww, but look how adorable she is (below)!  Submitter is right: there seems to be no end to disco books in public libraries.  Here are a few previous posts:

Tap disco


  1. Tap disco is the whole premise of one of the late Gregory Hines’ movies.

    I am not kidding.

  2. “The Searchers” is a better movie than “Final Destination 5”.
    Therefore, westerns rule and horror drools!

    And I’d rather listen to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber (both very popular with my daughters) than disco.

  3. And so are many other things, past and current. Bad contemporary music does not justify bad historical music, or books (unless your patrons need/want them).

  4. They really are cute, though, aren’t they? You can just hear “Stayin’ Alive” looking at that cover photo.
    That font is Disco Script if I’ve ever seen it.

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