Widows and Widowhood coverWidows and Widowhood: A Creative Approach to Being Alone

Submitter: This book was an excellent choice for a public library back in 1977. Unfortunately, the data and info are no longer accurate. I did enjoy the section on same sex relationships. It seemed progressive for ’77. I enjoyed many of the passages in this book. Is it awful? Maybe not. But this was the only book this library had on the topic. Time to update.

Holly: The preface┬ástarts off with a statistic from 1971. Already a turn-off! Also, the title implies creativity, so when you start seeing all those charts and data tables, it’s disappointing. It’s too old to be useful, and his has a giant, air-bubbled piece of tape all the way across the cover.


Widows and Widowhood contents

Widows and Widowhood preface

statistical charts on widowhood

sexual relationships

same sex relationships


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