Why the Chinese Are the Way They Are

Chinese cover

Why the Chinese Are the Way They Are
(revised edition) 1973

Submitter: We purchased this book for our high school library in 1974.  It has NEVER ONCE been checked out.  The book was first published in 1968 and in the author’s note he lets us know that a revised edition was necessary in 1973 because of all the new events, so I’m thinking that 40 years later it may have become outdated again.  Besides the negative feeling I get from the title, which makes me feel like there is something wrong with the way they are, and the stereotyping of an entire culture – the societal observations would be quite different today.  But don’t worry – if you do like this book, there are more to choose from:  Don’t forget his titles “Why the Russians Are the Way they Are” and “Why the Japanese Are the Way They Are.”

Holly: I’m sure someone will point out that this is some sort of important work that scholars need access to. They’re probably right. Are high schoolers those scholars? No, they are not. Even the most gifted high school researcher needs to visit a university library or archive for that level of research. It is old, unused, and irrelevant to the audience of the library in which it was found. That’s a hat trick in weeding.


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the long march to peace

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  1. let me know if I’m wrong but I don’t think they dressed like that in china by ’73. maybe in hong kong…

  2. hmm so books also about the Japanese and Russians but no “Why the Americans Are the Way They Are” (in the same spirit as the Chinese cover, put some poor kids on the U.S. cover or a picture of grieving family after a mass shooting?)

  3. Who eats ham and eggs for breakfast every day? I’m still afraid I’ll suffer a massive coronary if I eat more than 2 or 3 eggs a week.

  4. Seriously, the excerpts cited here make the author seem to be a downright apologist for Communist China! I’d be curious to read his take on Russia and Japan as well, just to see if he attacks Japan and praises Russia!

    1. Really?? I think it is a nice type face with serifs, not too unlike Times Roman. Very readable.

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