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Why Knot

Time to get groovy with some macrame wall hangings and other crafty stuff. My personal favorite is the lampshade, however the wine “rack” comes in at a close second. Just about everyone I knew back in the day had some kind of macrame plant holder. I have seen newer editions of macrame and bought one for the collection. Circulation is meh. I am not sure that macrame will make a big comeback, but you never know. Trends come and go, and everything old will b new again. Hopefully, I won’t be alive to see it.

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    1. Google thinks it should be “trypophobia” — fear of things with lots of small holes.

  1. I remember the macrame era. I knew it was coming to an end when I saw a plant hanger made of nylon cord in Woolworth’s. (Ah, Woolworth. I will always miss it.)

  2. My mom still has some macrame blankets and plant hangars from back then. But I don’t think she even /thought/ about a macrame clock!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. My mother took a macrame class in the mid-seventies and after a few plant hangers decided she was ready for the big time and made an enormous wall hanging involving dowels, hoops, and beads of various sizes and types. Everyone comment on it when they came over and probably again later in the car. Anyway, ten years later Mom was ready to let go and priced it at three dollars at our yard sale. No takers. After we took the dowels out it fit into a Hefty bag beautifully. And that is what should happen to macrame books, too.

  4. “Authoress”–times have changed. And so much brown and beige even though there were many brightly colored sisals and other twines and yarns being sold back then. Who knows what crafts will reemerge–in the ’70s I was given an old copy of Constantine A. Belash’s 1948 opus ‘Braiding and Knotting for Amateurs’; aka macrame before that word gained currency.

  5. That wine rack is a hoot! Somehow it reminds me of those towering African termite nests…

  6. I made a macrame plant hanger just a couple years ago. They’re extremely useful, and more attractive then the plastic ones that come clipped onto the pot when you buy them at Home Depot. That said, I found the instructions for macrame knots on the internet, and I can’t think of a single other thing I’d ever use macrame for.

  7. Macrame wall hangings and plant hangers are quite “in” at the moment in my town. There was a spate of classes over the last year or so. I put it down as a hipster thing.

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