Why is my Horse Dumb?

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Animal I Q
The Human Side of Animals

I think anyone who has had a pet will speculate from time to time about a particular animal’s intelligence. Of course defining intelligence in animals is problematic. The author shares anecdotes of animal behavior that on its face can be considered “smart” and then proceeds to parse the various ways behavior in animals can be interpreted.  Is it instinct? Is it conditioning? What about domesticated animals vs. wild animals? Although an interesting topic, our author does tends to anthropomorphize our test subjects and use language such as stupid or dumb when describing a particular behavior or animal. Great topic, but outdated.

Time to walk Pavlov’s dog,


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cat in the faucet

cat in the maze






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  1. Wow, yeah, this book is way out of date. Horses have been shown to be quite intelligent, and elephants actually DO have an astonishing memory and we’ve learned so much about their complex social lives, communication, and brainpower. And I don’t think a scientist flinging people’s pets into the water all around town would be considered a double-blind test nowadays 😀

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