Who’s a good boy?

The Complete Dog Training Manual book cover

The Complete Dog Training Manual

This poor book looks like it has barely survived its 40 plus years. Pages were yellowed and falling out of the book. There was also a crunchy feel to the binding. Pick it up and dried glue crumbs are everywhere. This should have been weeded on condition probably in the 1990s.

One of my gripes of animal training books of the 70s and 80s is the lack of really stylish photography. Dogs and cats are cute and can bring up take a so-so book up a notch or two. Even with the black and white photography, I think there could have been better photos. Example: the woman pulling the leash on the dog. At first look, I thought she was poking the pup with a stick. Without that caption, I wouldn’t have understood the photo. Regardless, as dog training books go, this doesn’t look too bad. The author never updated this manual but he did have a more specific training book for watchdogs and a medical manual for dogs.

I am sure all the dogs portrayed are good boys.



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  1. The black bar on the cover makes it seem like he’s in the witness protection program XD

  2. I’m gonna need a little clarification on why the “marijuana fetch toy” is so important. I HOPE it’s only for training a drug-sniffing dog, as touted on the cover.

  3. Problem dogs problems include “chicken killing” (true), “car sickness” (isn’t this medical?), and “fear of thunder” (??). I have never been responsible for a dog, so am not sure if they are reasonable or not.

    1. I had a dog who suffered from both car sickness and fear of thunder, and while they were both problems, to a certain extent, I wouldn’t call them “bad habits,” like the author does! In my opinion, they are both pretty much medical. We gave our dog dramamine for car sickness (as directed by our vet), and there are thundershirts and other products designed to help dogs with fear of thunder.

      Our dog’s fear of thunder was only a “problem” because we felt bad for her being so stressed out, and also because any nighttime thunderstorms meant we’d be up for hours, consoling her. Otherwise she would pace and whimper and shake and gradually freak out more and more and try to dig through the floor. I feel sorry for any dog whose human thinks these issues are a result of bad habits or bad behavior!

      1. A series of books had a dog that was afraid of thunder because he was shot with an unloaded gun. That is all I knew about the idea.

        1. Aw, that’s so sad!! I think lots of dogs are just naturally afraid of thunder. Also similar loud noises like fireworks. Our current dog is usually indifferent, though sometimes thunder pisses her off and she barks back at it.

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