Who Cares?


Who Cares: Community Involvement with Handicapped People

Submitter: Imagine walking down the street after a long day at the office and a long morning of styling your giant 80’s ‘do, having a big yawn, only to have someone surreptitiously snap your photo and put it on the cover of a book entitled “Who cares?”  It could happen to you.

Holly: Imagine walking into a public library for some information on how to help handicapped people in your community, and being handed this 25 year old book. That could happen to you too. And you’d be a little disappointed. Until you got a load of the tallest woman in the world on the cover, surrounded by various yawning short people. Then you’d be entertained. Followed by more disappointment.




  1. I’m curious about what’s under the stickers. I’m just not sure why this picture is on the cover of this book.

  2. If I saw the cover photo without the title I would guess the book was about tired women in the workplace.

  3. You were just yawning sleepily on the way home from work … you had no idea it meant that you didn’t care about the physically challenged!

  4. The sticker was probably added to cover the barcode label or other ID. Saves the submitter from a little awkwardness at work!

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