Where Would Jesus Sleep?

Christian Bed and Breakfast DirectoryThe Christian Bed & Breakfast Directory: The Christian Traveler’s Most Useful Guidebook
Germany (Ed.)
1995-1996 edition

Submitter: This was donated to our library, but won’t be added to the collection.  Besides the fact that it is 20 years out of date, I am stuck on what the point of this book is – Are bed and breakfasts such hotbeds of sin and scandal that Christians need to be careful which ones they patronize?  It isn’t even just supporting Christian small business owners – the introduction says that not all of these establishments are owned and operated by Christians, but they have expressed a desire to welcome Christian travelers.  Are there many bed and breakfasts that actively try to avoid Christians?  I can’t recall being asked my religious preference when I’ve booked a room before.

Holly: Are there bed and breakfast directories for other faiths? I did a series of searches on WorldCat for “Jewish Bed & Breakfast” and “Muslim Bed & Breakfast and came up empty. This one, however, has all kinds of editions lurking in library collections (though to be fair, it lists my own library, and I don’t see a holding for any edition of this title in our local catalog). It’s kind of a no-brainer for weeding based on its age, and a useless donation for most public libraries, too.

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  1. I’d like to see a Non-Christian bed and breakfast guide because every b&b I’ve stayed at has included proselytizing as part of the package. I generally just tolerate it, but as an atheist it’d be nice to find a place to spend a night without being preached at.

    1. Amen! I don’t want scripture on my soda cups, or blessings on my pizza boxes either. That’s their right, and some customers like it, but so is it my right to take my business elsewhere when it gets a bit much.

    2. I believe in God and even I don’t want that. If only because the ones who spend a lot of time preaching it don’t actually live it. Witnessing for God is best done by actions, not words.

  2. I knew (through work; trust me, this was not a friend of mine) someone who bought one of these guides in the 90s, and it was specifically because she and her husband wanted to avoid accidentally renting a space at a B&B owned by gay people. They’d had a room at an (apparently lovely) B&B owned by a gay couple the year before, and hadn’t been able to get a room elsewhere for the first night of their stay–and they opted to sleep in their car. In November. In the Northeastern US.

    So they were thrilled to discover a guide like this. And I was thrilled to discover that even in my very conservative work environment (rural community in the Deep South), most people gave her the side-eye after that story.

    1. If you ever encounter her or someone like her again, remind them of the chapter where the Centurion asks Jesus to heal his slave and Jesus was so impressed by the Centurion’s feelings that he blessed both of them. The word used for that slave is the word that was used for slaves purchased for sex.

      In other words, Jesus blessed a gay couple.

      1. If that interpretation is true (and I’ve read conflicting accounts regarding the original word and its definition), wouldn’t that mean that Jesus blessed a man and that man’s sex slave? I don’t think sex slaves – who are, after all, slaves, with no choice in the matter – are really part of a “couple” with their masters.

        1. Part of it is the fact that impressed Jesus is that the “master” loved his “slave.” And let’s not forget women themselves were seen as property even if they came from high class families. Didn’t stop love matches from happening. Even if it was originally an arranged marriage.

    2. Does she not realize that the gay couple could also be Christian? I’m a gay Quaker and a beloved member of my community!

  3. I used to run a pagan bed & breakfast. We didnt avoid christians, but it wasnt very successful because most pagans are so dirt poor.

  4. “Are bed and breakfasts such hotbeds of sin and scandal”
    Why, yes. Did you not see the final season of Downton Abbey? “House of ill repute”, oh my.

    For everyone else, the solution is to get an up-to-date edition of this book … and then carefully make your selections from B&Bs that are not listed.

  5. it’s actually just a confusing title: it lists all sorts of b&b’s regardless of religious affiliation, but the guidebook itself has a deep personal commitment to jesus

  6. This book helps feed the constant undercurrent of xtian “persecution”, because gawd forbid they should be “forced” (persecuted!) to sleep anywhere else. It just ties in to that mindset so neatly.

    1. I remember “Christian Yellow Pages” back in the 70’s. Similar concept–part of a separatist impulse among certain conservative evangelicals. Plus, I’m sure, a sense of being persecuted by the world.

  7. Read the explanation of how this book was compiled. The B&B owners themselves wrote the descriptions, and the publisher visited none of them and is “not responsible for inaccuracies.” Also, the guide tells you to figure out taxes, directions, check-in times, etc., yourself.
    Not what I look for in a reference book.

  8. A bed and breakfast for atheists would be a coffin and bloodfest because every Christian knows that atheists are all vampires. That’s why they hate seeing the cross. Lol?

  9. I was actually asked my religious preference at a B&B once. The owner also asked me for my marriage certificate. This had not been mentioned when we booked over the phone, nor was it mentioned on his website – he simply assumed people travelled with their marriage certificate as a matter of course, just in case someone felt the need to ensure that they were properly married.

    We stayed elsewhere.

  10. Addressing the title of this post: Considering how much Jesus hung out with the disreputable elements of society, I don’t think he’d use this B&B directory.

  11. I can understand wanting to support businesses whose owners share or support your beliefs, but “expressed a desire to welcome Christian travelers” makes it sound like there are B&Bs that don’t welcome Christians. Kind of weird.

    I’d be interested to know if this book contained any information on how actually good these places were. Do we get to learn if the food is any good?

    1. “Do we get to learn if the food is any good?”

      According to J’s post earlier, the book contains no first-hand information at all. It’s only what the B&B owners choose to say. So, at best, it’s more of an advertising compilation than a useful guide.

  12. Maybe it’s a paid directory. “Give us $20, send us some text, and we’ll include you in our Christian B&B directory”.

  13. I have some Polish friends in the UK who prefer to stay at B&Bs owned by Poles who came to the UK before 1946. It kind of limits their choices.

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