When Grandpa Died

When Grandpa Died cover

When Grandpa Died

Submitter: Aside from the fact that the book cover is wearing out and the pages smell from 40+ years of age, the 70’s clothing made a book with a serious topic somewhat laughable because it looks so dated. Dad in particular is rocking some rad tight jeans, Beatles boots, and an epic ‘stache. Plus, note the photo where Dad comforts Mom as she cries about Grandpa. The book says it looks like Dad is about to cry too, but it rather looks like he’s taken comfort from the open beer bottle sitting on the floor next to him. Not the imagery you’d probably see in a realistic photo book published for kids today.

Holly:¬†This absolutely¬†screams 1979. That girl is now in her 40’s or even young 50’s and her parents are pushing 80. I’m curious about the text in the book, since the submitted pages are only pictures. Is it comforting or just weird?

Comforting wife

Comforting daughter


  1. Dad needs a gold medallion for that exposed chest hair. I’m just sayin’. I remember the 70’s.

  2. That is one thing I miss in current kids’ books – the reality of the scenes that the older books have.

  3. As the submitter, I will note that the text actually reads okay for a child going through this experience. But the pictures are not relatable, though very “in the moment reality,” as Susan noted above.

  4. Is the mom crying or saying, “I can’t stand to look at that loud gold curtain or this hideous plaid sofa any longer”?

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