What’s What

What's What coverWhat’s What: A Visual Glossary of the Physical World
Bragonier, Jr. and Fisher

Submitter: I love visual dictionaries and this one is charming. Even though the pictures are all black and white, they are clear and instructive. However, in the age of Google image searching, no one is looking for a book to help them visualize, especially not college students! And things like Vehicles and Audiovisual Communication have changed a LOT since 1981! And who knows, maybe readers of the future will wonder what a book used to look like, or a letter on paper. But this book is no good to our readers here and now.

Holly: What is this book splattered with on every page submitted??

Gone with the Wind


  1. I’ve always associated Dorling Kindersley with this type of book, although their’s were much nicer, with full-colour illustrations.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought of. I still have some of those, they were so nice to just look at, over and above their reference value. Libraries had lots of those.

      But even if we were still in the pre-digital age, this one’s a weeder since someone evidently ate chili while they read the whole thing.

    1. Yes, foxing or mold or something, not food or another type of spill. It’s on every page, the covers, and even the barcode!

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