What everyone needs: A Psychedelic Bedroom

A Groovy Guide to
Decorating Your Room:

Teens everywhere will be jumping on board so they can have a bedroom like Grandma did back the 1960s. Old decorating books are always a favorite with me. The look and style of the late 1960s and early 1970s will probably rise from the ashes someday. As a kid, I would have loved this book and I remember trying to get my mom to buy me a bead curtain. (She said no.) The back cover describes a “psychedelic library” but unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures. I would have loved to see that kind of personal library decor. Those of you going through the harrowing process of building or remodeling, please feel free to steal that idea!

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  1. Oh, I remember those hanging wicker chairs – I wanted one! Full disclosure: I still have and use, a beaded curtain, and I wasn’t even born yet when this book was published.

  2. I would have loved that groovy floor-to-ceiling record stand back in the day. It would have been the envy of all my friends. I still kind of want one but I don’t have the records anymore.

  3. Oh, you had me at “oceans of plastic pillows.” And my goodness, but the author would be taken to task for claiming you could have “an African room.”

  4. I can just imagine the meltdown my mother would have had if she caught me gluing things to the walls.

  5. Ooh, a bed with drapes! As a kid I always wanted one. It seemed exciting to have my own private world.

  6. I’m born in the 21st century and this all seem cute. Just some tweaks in some stuffs. I suppose fashions and designs can be recycled but perhaps with better quality

  7. Hey, I had a psychedelic bedroom as a teenager in the 1990s. I loved the Sixties style and music and went all out, from Beatles & Hendrix posters to a tye-dye bean bag. Honestly, the hippie subculture never really went away, and Sixties style is still a “thing.”

  8. I had a door curtain in my dorm room — not of beads but of long gold tinsel strands, like a 6-foot fringe. I was told sternly that it looked like an opium den — I was thrilled! A guy I went out with had a door curtain of beercan poptop tabs — don’t know how long it took them to amass them, but the final effect was pretty cool.

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