What Boys Want to Know About Girls

What Boys Want to Know About Girls


What Boys Want to Know About Girls

Obviously outdated, but isn’t that a horrible cover, too?  It’s like the girls are animals in the zoo and the boys are peeking at them in their habitat. The whole “care and feeding” bit parallels that idea (chapter 3).  Here’s the table of contents.  My question is, what’s “O and O” (chapter 9)?


What Boys Want to Know About Girls contents

    1. You know , most of what I know about women I learned because I read the versions of these books that were intended for them, instead of the ridiculously inept stuff intended for me. Also, all the girls’ fiction meant for 13-year-olds. (Hey, they were a lot better’n the endless series of Matt Christopher sports novels for boys of that age.)

      Apparently this cross-reading principle works for authors, too, because the “What boys want….” version is written by a woman, whereas the girl version’s first listed author is “Arthur Unger.”

      (Final reaction: I know so many couples who never really achieve the “O & O.”)

  1. That was illustrated by Susan Perl, who did quite a few books over the years. Herr style is unmistakable, like it or hate it. I have a joke book she did, loved it as a kid.

  2. “one and only” — much better answer, but just as creepy. The youngsters portrayed are a bit young to be seeking exclusivity. (Although in 1962, I was 15, and wouldn’t have thought that!)

  3. I’m guessing they want to know where the girl in the red sweater got her anti-gravity bra

    1. She’s wearing a bullet bra, I believe. I think they were popular in the 1940s.

      From – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brassiere_designs

      Bullet bras are a type of full-support bra with cups in the shape of a paraboloid of revolution with its axis perpendicular to the breast. Bullet bras often featured concentric circles of decorative stitching centred on the nipples. Invented in the late-1940s, they were still being sold well into the 1960s

  4. And you didn’t mention the frightening anatomy on the girl – is she a pre-Madonna?

  5. Hmm, perhaps ‘safari’ might be a more appropriate analogy here. It pretty much sums up my high school experience with the female of the species. Observe from afar, construct a plan of attack, then flee in terror when approached.

  6. Oh yeah, there should be a mention that once she has kids and breast feeds those pointy things near her neck will look like socks with tennis balls in the toe. Better enjoy ’em now.

  7. Love the perky little breasts! Their owner is pretty pleased about them too. Oh, the innocence! Can we go back to the early 60’s again?

  8. Looking at the cover, I can’t stop thinking of the three headed giant in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

  9. ‘The care and feeding of girls’

    I need this book. I would like to feed my girl but I just don’t know what to give her. Pasta? Bread crumbs? I just don’t know.

    Excellent site btw! 🙂

  10. Good luck, boys, because I am female and even I don’t understand girls!

    I wonder if any boys in the 60s even read this or if it was mostly checked out by girls for laughs.

  11. My mom still had one of those pointy bras lying around when I was kid. She called it a ‘collie muzzle.’ We all thought it was hysterical then, and I still do.

  12. Is that supposed to be three different boys, or one boy while in motion, turning to look at the girls? Because if it’s supposed to be three different boys, why do they all look exactly alike, right down to the orange hair?

  13. oh mannnnnnnnnnn. wouldn’t it be hilarious if you could go back in time and found out that people ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE these great old stylized illustrations???

  14. Madonna had that very book, growing up on the Barrio with Papa-Don’t-Preach Ciccone & that sad loser of a brother of hers. Years later, when she became famous, she showed the book (which she had carefully kept down all the difficult years) to Jean-Paul Gaultier and said ‘J.P., I wanna bra just like that girl’s got. She’s mah inspiation.’ Monsieur Gaultier said, ‘Madonna, you ‘ave come to ze right man. I ‘ate tous les femmes. I will make zis brassiere an’ ‘elp you to ‘umiliate all ze leetle girls ‘oo, ‘ow you say? adore you.’

    And they did.

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