Weed the Weed Book

Pot what it is what it does cover

Pot: What it is, What it does

Get it? Weed the weed books? Ha! I’m hilarious.


Pot is a hot topic right now. To be bluntbudding librarians may not get that even drug books have a shelf life. It’s a chronic problem to have books like this taking up space and offering nothing current to the subject. When little Mary Jane has a report to write for school, she’ll want to include current legislation, for example.

Don’t be a dopeBlow this one out of the joint. We’re not just blowing smoke; we’re serious. Weed it.


Pot - back cover

The Law


      1. This library need to quit “rehashing” the past and order a new book. The are “pot”entially hundreds of more appropriate titles out there. 😉

  1. Know the facts so you’ll know what to say when someone offers you a joint – “No thank you, my insurance doesn’t cover that.”

  2. The drug books in my library, which were pretty well updated, started circulating a LOT, and I discovered why– they had hysterically bad interior photos. Need to have some of these, since all drug information web sites seem to be blocked at school, but it’s hard to find good quallity ones!

    1. erowid is the best there is. I’m sure it’s blocked by the schools, but it’s the best and most reputable source of information on mind-altering substances online–and I’m *definitely* including anything generated by the government in that assessment.

  3. But what do the snails have to do with anything? Is it some sort of weird reference I don’t understand?

    1. The biggest danger of chronic pot smoking is that it slows your life to a snail’s pace.

      1. And how would you tell if a snail was mellow on pot? Watery eyes? Tell-tale aroma? Teeny pipes and papers?

  4. This book “indica”tes that your collection is out of date. You “canna” afford to waste space with it. This one should get “vaporized.”

  5. You all have reminded me — at this spring’s Town Meeting here, there was an article about zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries (medical marijuana was recently legalized in my state). It was referred to a Selectmen’s Committee for coming up with a proposal, but the speaker who made that motion used every imaginable pun — it had us all in stitches.

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