Wedding Photos for “Today”

Wedding Photography for Today coverWedding Photography for Today
Greg Lewis

Submitter: I’m making my way through the 700s at my mid-sized public library, and our photography section has been neglected for a long time. Amidst many books that are ridiculously out of date was this gem on wedding photography. Any time a title includes “modern,” “contemporary,” or “today” it immediately gives itself an auto-weed by date. The samples included are great examples of what my parents’ wedding photos look like. I think if any modern bride ended up with photographs like these she’d probably cry. The fashion and effects photo also make this one an easy one to remove from our collection.

Mary: I think I might have gone to college with some of these people or at least attended prom with guys that dressed in similar tuxes. Just say no.

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  1. My husband and I still laugh about our photographer asking us to FEED EACH OTHER from our dinner plates for some soft-focus fantasy he had in mind. Our answer was NO! We didn’t intend to start our marriage by treating each other as infants.

  2. Ah, yes this was my era. I was married at the height of the “double exposure” horrors. I flat out told the photographer I didn’t want them. He was absolutely shocked. So, while my photos are now dated, at least I don’t have to feel ashamed of ghost-like images staring down at the ceremony.

  3. Hopefully this won’t go through twice. Got an error the first time.

    We need more of those “bride/groom superimposed over the scene” photos, please, they’d make AWESOME memes!

  4. That last photo suggests this caption: “The most interesting man in the world proposes marriage to himself.”

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