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Your First Year of Marriage

Marriage advice is always interesting. This gem (still not weeded!) is from 1967. It assumes that the two newlyweds have barely had any sexual experience, not even “heavy petting.” (‘Cuz nice girls and boys just don’t.) A great deal of the book is dedicated to the mechanics of sex. There was also some pretty decent family planning information, considering it was published in 1967. ┬áThere are some small chapters dedicated to “special circumstances” (pregnancy, different religions or races) and managing money. Take a look at the two pages I scanned on dealing with the in-laws.

All in all, not that bad of a choice for the 1960s. I am at a loss for why it is still in a public library collection, though.


Your First Year of Marriage - back cover

Inside cover

Achieving healthy relationships with in-laws and friends

Achieving healthy relationships with in-laws and friends

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  1. The sample material seems pretty reasonable, actually. But, the rest of the book could be quite dated….This reminds me, when I got married a few years after this book came out, we had one meeting with the minister beforehand to go over the order of service, etc. At the end, though, he handed us a book with a blank brown paper dust jacket. Its title was “Sex Without Fear.” I was so embarrassed I don’t think I could say a word. I wonder if I still have that book kicking around, and how it might compare to this volume…

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