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Web of Deception coverWeb of Deception: Misinformation on the Internet
Mintz (Editor)

If you have the 2008 edition of this book, it’s probably still ok, although getting older by the minute.  This 2002 version is almost ten years old.  It still has some good information in it, but it is missing a lot and the emphasis is in the wrong places.  It’s big on Usenet groups and listservs and of course doesn’t mention social networking.  The information on email is pretty good, but missing the newest scams and techniques that spammers use.  If it’s the best you can do, you could maybe squeeze another year out of it for what it does have, but my patrons are asking about Facebook scams, Craigslist, and email spoofing.  That’s not in here.

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(In case it’s not clear…that’s a JOKE!  Do not send us your passwords! Credit card numbers still welcome.)


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  1. I’d say that by 2002, Usenet was largely irrelevant, so if the authors were really putting a big emphasis on it, this book had serious problems even when it was current.

  2. Hilarious timing, considering Avast stopped a trojan horse when I clicked on here yesterday.

  3. Yeah, someone was trying to sneak in through your website. Norton AntiVirus also cut me off this site yesterday.

  4. I thought Usenet and listservs were ancient, ancient history by 2002.

    Also, books like this are the reason I have older relatives who are still terrified to give their credit card info to amazon.com, because after all, “it’s on the internet!” (Dun dun DUUUUN!) We live in a different digital age than we did then.

  5. I had that happen to me too yesterday. It redirected me to a fake YouTube page with the heading “Top 10 Sex Scandals” and tried to get me to download a program.

  6. Just FYI, if you login to the community forums on ebay, sellers there alert other sellers to the most recent scams. It’s good to check there frequently if you do any selling on ebay. Buyers have more opportunities to scam than sellers, but if you do any buying it’s also good to check for selling scams.

  7. This was required reading in one of my graduate classes around 2003/2004. I might even still have it packed away somewhere..

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