Weaving Evil

weaving 1977 coverWeaving ’77
Ziemer and Smith

Hey, I am all about the fiber arts and weaving can be just beautiful. Unfortunately, there is no “beautiful” weaving in this book. In fact, I am pretty sure this book should be burned in some kind of cleansing ritual since there are detailed instructions on how to weave a clown wall hanging. As you know, any clown themed decorating is the work of the devil.

The other projects are pretty awful as well. The last photo seems to be some kind of abstract mustache/mouth thing.


wall weaving of a clown

clown wallhanging weaving instructions

woven wall hanging


  1. cover: madness weaving ’77 decorate your house with hideous non-Euclidian geometry

  2. I… think I crocheted a maxi-skirt in 1974 using just exactly the horrible yarn colors on the cover, with the addition of the missing 70s color, goldenrod yellow. It was acrylic yarn, too, horrid to work with.

    We were all a little mad back then, I think…

  3. Suddenly I feel better about being too young to remember the golden age of classic rock.

  4. “Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me, can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me, can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me…”

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