We need some help!

picture of a weedI know COVID-19 has made life in libraries much more complicated. Weeding is probably taking a backseat to more important matters. However, we are not as flush with posts as we used to be. Consider sending us some pictures of your more interesting weeds. Don’t forget those books that have been ruined by use or careless patrons.

Find out more by clicking on the submissions tab above. Remember, submissions are anonymous. We won’t out you to your hoarding co-workers. (Every library has hoarders. They probably have some excellent awful books laying around. Snap a few pics when they aren’t looking.)

We appreciate any help you can send us.

Mary and Holly




    1. Sure! We’ll sleuth out the owning libraries. I guarantee *someone* out there has it in their collection.

  1. If the librarians are allowed in the building and not the patrons, and circ is down, this would be a perfect time to take care of weeding! Get rid of all the outdated books, the ones that are falling apart and gross (everyone’s a little germaphobic nowadays) while nobody’s looking. Especially if the hoarders aren’t in the building to notice, heh heh.

  2. Because I’m one of the lower staff members I don’t have as many duties as others have, so I took it upon myself to start evaluating adult non-fiction whenever I have a free hour. But I have to hand them over to the head adult librarian for actual weeding. Which is why I haven’t gotten photos.

    Mainly weeding because people write in the ding dang books. With books on Christianity and the law being the most written in. The witchcraft/paganism books are in way better shape and treated with more respect. Though I did have to discard our one on tea leaf reading because someone spilled tea all over it. (How it got back onto the shelf in the shape it was in is beyond me.)

    Not looking forward to when I get the recipe books, finally. But my goal is to do the entire adult non-fiction. We need this.

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