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Real Life: Real Spice coverReal Life: Real Spice: The Official Story
Spice Girls

Submitter: We’ve been doing a huge non-fiction weeding project at the public library I work at. I’ve been busy working on weeding out the old biographies and ran across this gem. Ironically, I found “Real Life: Real Spice – the Official Story by the Spice Girls” on the same day that I read your post on New Kids on the Block. I was 13 when the Spice Girls were at the height of their popularity and I will admit to still owning copies of their first two CDs. It’s interesting how different Victoria Beckham looks now. Surprisingly, this book was checked out about a year and a half ago, but I still felt like I had to weed it. It brought back some memories of my teenage years though!

Holly: Fun, but definitely a weeder!  Put it right next to NKOTB on the used book sale rack, though, and it will fly off the shelf.  Mary – have you ever heard of the Spice Girls?  (Sorry, couldn’t resist…although there’s a good chance she hasn’t.)

Holly’s Update: So I asked Mary if she knew who the Spice Girls were and if she understood the title of this post. (“Wannabe” was one of the first songs that put the Spice Girls on the charts.).  Her response, and I quote, “I wouldn’t have. But I do know who the spice girls are… Scary Spice is married to the soccer guy.”

Oh, Mary.  That was Posh Spice, and his name is David Beckham.


  1. Eh – no big deal if Mary doesn’t know. I had to ask my mother who “that dude in the BK commercials” was. (The ones for the strawberry banana smoothie.) Did not know it was David what’s his face. Thought maybe from the way the commercial was going that it was that “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” I keep seeing all over the internet.

    And I wouldn’t know Scary Spice from Old Spice.

  2. I got to a send a link to my cousin. He adored the Spice Girls and still does. We were both in high school is ’97.

  3. I got terribly mocked for my girlfriend for mixing up two songs by the Spice Girls and Lady Gaga respectively.

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