Video Technology of Yesteryear

tv video cover

The Electronic Revolution
TV and Video

The copy of this book that I examined was PRISTINE. When something this old is in great shape, I am immediately suspicious. In my humble opinion, this copy wasn’t used AT ALL in it’s nearly 40 years in this library. I don’t have circulation numbers, but I would bet my MLIS, that it has less than 20 checkouts in 40 years. There isn’t so much as a blemish on this cover or on the pages. Since it is in such great shape, I bet the librarians passed it by and never looked at a pub date.

For you youngsters out there, now I can show you the mysteries of the Cathode-ray tube. This is when there were actual tubes in the television. By the early 2000s, this technology started to fade into disuse as more efficient substitutes became popular. I am also particularly annoyed that the video crew didn’t bother to wear gloves or cover the equipment. I guess I should be happy they were wearing masks.

Let’s weed this and try for something more recent.


back cover

tv studio

cathode ray tube

medical video

future video


  1. The front and back covers probably didn’t help the enthusiasm for the book either.

    We still have some CRTs here — they still work!

  2. I am also hanging onto my CRT television! I’d be surprised if my flat-screen TV is still working in 20 years.

  3. I’d love to see the contents of some of those other books in the series…”Computers in the Home” from the 70s? lol!

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