Victim of Love

The Cars coverThe Cars
Kamin and Goddard

Submitter: This was an excellent book about a local band to purchase for this library. 35 years later, the band split up, reunite under a new name, reunite under the old name, and saw two of the found members die, and all not covered here. Time to Shake It Up and replace!

Holly: This was NOT Just What I Needed. You Might Think so…but you’d be wrong. Weed it. Drive it off a cliff. Give it to My Best Friend’s Girl. Weeding is not Magic, it’s science. Library Science.

Ok, I’m done now.

Out in Front

The Cars

Greg at Home

In an airplane


  1. Who’s gonna drive you home… because you’re so drunk or stoned you can’t take a picture that isn’t at a weird angle… tonight.

  2. 1. Greg has a cool telephone.
    2. Nobody is at all alarmed that the plane is flying at a steep tilt.
    3. The Cars were pretty great, though.

  3. Let the Good Times Roll the profits into your Friends’ sale when you feature this one. Heck does State law prohibit librarys from running auctions?

  4. Ric Ocasek–well, he made some *choices* about his estate, screwing over Paulina Porizkova and two sons.

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