Vegetarian Jell-o

sea veg gelatin cover

The Sea Vegetable Gelatin Cookbook and Field Guide

Oh no! Another gelatin book has found it’s way to ALB. Brace yourselves! Instead of Bill Cosby and Jell-o treats, we have sea vegetable gelatin or agar.

I was okay at the strawberry souffle, and maybe the pineapple-coconut punch, but wait! Right next door is beet and red cabbage drink. Beets are not bad, cabbage is not (that) bad. Together in a drink? NO!

The worst picture is the Beef and Carrot souffle, with hard boiled eggs. Somehow seeing this dish is worse than reading the recipe. Given that agar is used as a vegetarian option for gelatin, it seems a bit odd to be specifically using agar for a beef dish.


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  1. I think the ingredient in the souffle is actually beets not beef? Still nasty though.

  2. I think that says beet and carrot souffle, not beef. I hope so, because beef would make no sense!

  3. (Psst: The picture caption says BEET and Carrot Soufflé, not Beef and Carrot)

    1. Well after getting out a magnifying glass and looking at the pages, I stand corrected. (Eye appointment for new glasses is now on my to-do list.)

      1. That said, whole eggs are skirting the very hair-splitting edge of “vegetarian”. (Lacto-ovo-vegetarian is barely vegetarian.)

      2. Probably the disturbing light brown color also made you think beef instead of beets? Either way, blargh.

  4. Veggie Jello is used not only by vegetarians, but also by Jews (and I guess Muslims), because regular gelatin isn’t kosher/halal thanks to often being made from pig hooves. So putting beef in it is okay with YHWH/Allah. Just no pork.

    However, the beet-cabbage combo is an abomination unto goodness.

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