Valentine’s Day Special


Dating, love, and romance are always available at your local library. We here at ALB want to make sure you are taking advantage of so many titles geared to help you manage your love life! (You’re welcome!) Our first post listed, Make your own sex toys has been gracing our Valentine’s list off and on since 2012. To this day, I still get a bit squeamish when I see people squeezing the vegetables and fruit at the grocery store.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mary and Holly

Make Your Own Sex Toys (NSFW)

DIY sex toys cover

How to Marry the Man of Your Choice

how to marry the man of your choice book

How to pick a mate

how to pick a mate

How to Catch a Man

how to catch a man

The Shy Guy’s Guide to Dating

shy guy dating cover


  1. Ooh, some of them made me angry but that first one just skeeved me out. I notice I am now literally sitting with my legs tightly crossed. Nopenopenope.

  2. Didn’t they stop making candy hearts? I’ve got 2+ boxes of Necco wafers, we can share those and throw the liquorish ones at people we feel like.

    1. I thought someone had picked up the ball on the candy hearts. Also on SkyBar — don’t know about the Necco Wafers. I was so bummed when they closed the factory store (it was conveniently sited on the back way from Logan Airport) and then went out of business shortly thereafter.

    2. You are a person after my own heart.

      There used to be a place nearby that not only sold Necco wafers, they sometimes had the all-chocolate rolls. Heaven!

      Amazon sells candy hearts, but by Brach’s and not Necco.

    3. I think they were supposed to bring them back this year. SweeTarts also makes conversation hearts.

    4. I love the liquorish ones. Along with the chocolate and the pink minty ones. You can have my orange, yellow, white, and green ones in exchange.

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