Vaccination and You

vaccination and you

Vaccination and You

The info in this book is not that bad. It is geared to upper age elementary and it is pretty basic. It is simple enough that even some US governors, senators, and other leaders could grasp the concepts. With an update and more modern illustrations, this could work in 2021.

The photographs used were actually interesting. They also used a painting for the Louis Pasteur pages. Mrs Pasteur seems to be lurking in the hallway by his lab. Instead of a citation for the painting, there is a note that Mrs Pasteur is patiently waiting. (A quick search identified the artist as Robert Thom. This was from a group of paintings commissioned by Parke-Davis, later donated to the University of Michigan. You can see the collection uploaded here.)

When we are talking about children’s books, I like to reiterate that they should be held to a high standard of collection development as any adult book might. Medical information should be re-evaluated for content every 3-5 years, regardless of the age group.

Now, go get your shots everyone.


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  1. So many of these books need to be updated because white is seen as the norm as if no other races exist and live in the United States. The Robert Thom paintings are a fine example: except for the couple of images depicting indigenous people, the subjects are all white. There is only one painting of a black woman who serves as a patient and if I’m not mistaken what passed for gynecology at that time was barbaric and hurtful to black patients seen as having no feelings and able to withstand what white people would call intense pain, but that’s OK since the white people in the painting were following probably noblesse oblige.

    We need to be unrelenting in examining what passed as the norms even back in the 1970s and 1980s that we can see today as biased and prejudiced for whites and therefore dismissive any other people, in a word, BIPOC: Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

    1. That is hard to do for many of those paintings because many people of undisputable importance in medicine were white and lived and worked in Europe (Harvey, Leeuwenhoek, Lavoisier, Pinel, Laennec, Semmelweis, Helmholtz, and others painted by Thom). Of everyone on the list, Sims is easily the most damaged by the world having changed to now.

  2. If they don’t have and can’t afford anything better, the library might keep this. Looks like one of the few medical books that old that isn’t ridiculous! Certainly was cutting edge in 1969.

    Still no vaccine for all the different colds, though.

    1. There are more than 200 viruses that cause the common cold. And thanks to the anti vaxxers and human carelessness and selfishness in general, I’m sure there will soon be at least that many variants of covid as well. 🙁

  3. The scary part is the one kid getting vaccinated while being surrounded by a sea of floating, severed heads……………..

  4. Lots of kids in Britain studied Pasteur at school. They came into the library and asked for books about him and usually got taken to the Italian Cookery section by bemused library staff. When I was myself a kid, I thought the milk was Pasturized because the cows had been in a pasture… I blame the French (language)!

  5. I live in Texas and the third sentence in the first paragraph made me cackle. Thanks for the much-needed laugh tonight.

  6. This book is just a reminder of how the more things change, the more things stay the same. People actually accused Louis Pasteur of quackery, and his theories were met with much hostility. And here we are now living in the 21st century and we still have people who believe that diseases and germs are a hoax and that vaccines were invented by the devil. And that’s just one reason why the human race is going to die in its infancy. Just go on Facebook if you don’t believe me.

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